"Hello to those who give others nightmares!" tm
                                        Beau Justin Oliver

Producer / Director / Writer Beau Justin Oliver created BringBackFear.com for horror fans. He was always a big horror fan himself and he wanted to share this entertainment with others. There is a unique way Beau uses the fears and fantasies of others to frighten them. There is nothing scarier than to have your fears enhanced. It could be about being buried alive, spiders, clowns, zombies and other things you fear. He enjoys filming and writing books about horror and science fiction. Beau began developing free short horror and animated films for all to enjoy. He is currently working on his first feature horror film. BringBackFear.com will continue to expand with many new horror sections. Beau Justin Oliver is dedicated to give all horror fans the entertainment they deserve and enjoy. Are you ready to feel the fear?