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Due to respect, we will not give out the real names in the true stories.

                        HORROR MOVIE FACTS:


1:The film was shot almost entirely in sequence; only pickups and a few reshoots were shot out of sequence.

2: Athletes were cast as the Infected because of how important physicality is to them. Danny Boyle felt that since athletes can do things other people can't, they would be interesting when translated into the movements of the Infected.

3: Ewan McGregor was the original choice to play Jim. After that didn't work out, the role was offered to Ryan Gosling, who had a scheduling conflict.

4: Stephen King is a huge fan of the movie and paraphrases one of Selena's lines in his novel Doctor Sleep, "he needs us more than we need him".

5: Jim(Cillian Murphy) spends thirty percent of the movie either shirtless or nude.

6: The tunnel sequence took two days to shoot.


1: Unusually for a Hollywood production, this film does not feature a musical score.

2: It took 4 hours for Doug Jones to get into his full-body prosthetic. His role required him to film for just one day.


1: Abigail Breslin and Woody Harrelson's conversation in the Hummer scene about Hannah Montana was ad-libbed.

2: The script, originally a television pilot, was heavily revised to become a feature film.

3: The puppy that Woody Harrelson is seen playing with in a flashback belongs to Abigail Breslin.

4: Shot in 42 days

5: The man that is eaten in the bathroom at the beginning of the film is the same person that Little Rock and Wichita did their ring scam on.

6: John Carpenter turned down a chance to direct.

Re-Animator FACTS:

1: The special effects department went through twenty-five gallons of fake blood during the shoot.

2: Originally director Stuart Gordon wanted to shoot the movie in black and white on 16mm film to give the film a gritty quality.

3: The "brains" in the severed head were made up of steer meat by-products, ground beef and fake blood and when they shot the scene in the autopsy room with the severed head being thrown out the door and then smashing onto the hallway wall, the crew were all behind the cameras with garbage bags over their clothes because no one knew just how much the brains would splatter.

4: Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, Robert Sampson, and director Stuart Gordon visited an insane asylum and morgue as preparation for the film.


1: Tom Savini choose the gray color for the zombies' skin, since Night of the Living Dead (1968) was in B&W and the zombie skin-tone was not depicted. He later said it was a mistake, because many of them ended up looking quite blue on film.

2:The scene between Roger and Peter in the trucks when they are kidding each other about their height was entirely improvised by the two actors.

3:The voice of Christine Forrest (George A. Romero's wife) can be heard on a pre-recorded announcement in the mall ("Attention all shoppers...").

4:The bit in the movie where Roger slides down between the escalators was Scott H. Reiniger's idea.

5: Some of the actors playing zombies in the movie would frequently get drunk at a late-night bar called the Brown Derby, which was in the Monroeville Mall. One night they stole a golf cart and crashed into a marble pillar, causing $7,000 worth of damage.


1: (at around 8 mins) The glass breaking on top of the chemical drum during the "melting tarman" scene at the beginning of the credits wasn't planned at all. It just happened to shatter due to the heat of the effects at the perfect time.

2:According to Jewel Shepard (Casey), Dan O'Bannon met her at a strip club where she worked as a stripper. He initially wanted her in the role of Trash, but she was at the time fed up with being naked. She then suggested to Dan O'Bannon that she could audition for the role of Casey - the party girl, since she liked to party.

3:Miguel A. Núñez Jr. was homeless when he was cast in this movie.

4:The executive producers attempted to contact George A. Romero several times in order to offer him the choice of producing the movie, but he never answered.

5:Tobe Hooper was originally slated to direct and it was supposed to be filmed in 3-D.

6: Mark Venturini, Miguel A. Nunez Jr and Thom Matthews went on to have roles in the Friday 13th film series. Venturini as Vic Faden and Nunez as Demon in Friday 13th: A New Beginning and Matthews as Tommy Jarvis in Friday 13th Part VI: Jason Lives


1:After returning to the laser hallway they find the bodies have vanished. This is a direct reference to the games, in which the bodies will vanish if you leave and reenter an area. Kaplan's lines draw attention to this.

2:All the minor cuts and bruises on Milla Jovovich's character are real. No make-up was applied.

3: The crew had a hard time dealing with the dogs who kept licking the blood and meat off themselves.

4: Milla Jovovich said the real reason she did this movie was because her brother Marko was a huge fan of the video games.

5: (at around 1h 30 mins) There is a shot of Alice's eye close up near the end of the film. This is a direct reference to the first game in the series; Resident Evil (1996). The close-up eye shot is the logo/title screen of the game.

6: Originally set to star Sarah Michelle Gellar as Alice



1: Due to the Ebola virus, a man was pronounced dead and he was placed in a body bag. The people near saw his hands twitch and they pulled him out.

2: A 3-year-old girl who was previously pronounced medically dead awoke at her funeral in Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur, in the Philippines

3: Chinese woman, 95, comes back to life by climbing out her coffin six days after she 'died'

4: A FL suspect was biting and removing pieces of the victims face with his teeth, report says. The deputy tried to remove the suspect, using a stun gun, but it had no effect. A K-9 arrived, biting the suspect, but was still unable to get him off the victim. MCSO says deputies were eventually able to pry the suspect off and take him into custody.

5: Back in 1907, they had attended the funeral of a girl. Now here she was, years later, a demented, staggering wreck, apparently risen from the dead.

6: Eighteen years later, a man was discovered by his sister  in a village market place, when he approached her claiming to be her long dead brother.  He identified himself with a childhood nickname unknown outside of close family circles, and a subsequent investigation with help from the family proved that the man claiming to be the man that knew other things about the family not known by outsiders.  For all intents and purposes, the man claiming to be this particular man was indeed who he said he was.  His story was a strange and shocking one: he claimed to have been turned into a zombie.

​7: A parasitic 'zombie' fungus controls its ant hosts to die outside their nest so it can find fresh prey easily. It is known as the 'zombie ant fungus,' controls the behavior of carpenter ant workers to die with precision attached to leaves in the understory of tropical forests. It also manipulates its victims to die in the vicinity of the colony, so it can drop infected spores onto the ground and infect others.

8: In 1940, a Russian scientist took a entirely decapitated dog and set up the pieces including organs. With the experiment, the Russian Scientist was able to reactive the brain, organs, nerves and senses in the dog.